Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker — A Reflection

I saw the new Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker last evening, in Sacramento. It has become a bit of an annual tradition over the years. If I have not been in the theatre, I have been in front of my flat screen at home watching the adventures playing out from a long time ago, […]

Cats Is Not The Dog Critics Have Growled About

There’s been so very much written and said about Hollywood’s new adaptation of Cats, the phenomenon that premiered in 1981 and became one of Broadway’s biggest hits. So very much. And I have prided myself, always, as being a beacon of light, even when the world seems dark. I’m much more Superman than Batman. So […]

Yes, Janet and Kristina: There IS A Santa Claus

I’ll probably never forget the year I was told that there was no Santa Claus. Well, actually it was the year that my mother told me that she didn’t believe in him. If it’s not too late for your and yours, I’ve got a great way for you to avoid having “the conversation” with your […]

EXCLUSIVE! Kenny G’s Remembers Miracles on its 25th Anniversary

Kenny G recalls the making of his first, landmark holiday album as we celebrate its 25th anniversary. He had to fight label head Clive Davis tooth and nail to keep it an instrumental project…after Whitney Houston passed on recording a track for it! He also talks about writing and recording “The Chanukah Song” for the project, which is the best-selling holiday album of the Soundscan era.

Where’s the Grinch Who Stole McDonalds’ Egg Nog Milkshakes This Christmas?

I consider myself a reasonable man. (My kids might disagree with that.) I have a certain set of expectations, and I expect those expectations to be met. (My kids would absolutely agree with that!) For example: I expect my IPA to be cold, my pizza to be hot, and my Michigan Wolverines to win every […]

Trump’s Been Impeached, And I’m Sad About It

Hopefully, you and I have a shared Christmas memory: I recall Christmas mornings of my youth, waking up around 5am after an impossibly long night of interrupted sleep. I could have sworn Rudolph and his compatriots were stomping on the roof of our house. Then, I’d hop up to find a bounty of toys around […]

Universal Studios Hollywood’s Jurassic World Attraction. “Stay In The Tram!”

I was once told that I fall in love with someone or something every day. It’s kinda true. Over the years, those “things” have included locales that take me out of myself and my day-to-day problems and to different places, like the Grand Canyon, Walt Disney World, Niagara Falls, and Cedar Point. This year, I […]

Mariah Carey’s Deluxe Anniversary Edition of Merry Christmas — What a Gift!

I’m typically not a fan of “deluxe anniversary editions” of recordings that have already become fan favorites. More often than not, they are uninspired retreads that include an unreleased song or two, and are primarily repackaged to move more product. They typically don’t contain anything revelatory — or even worth purchasing. Producer David Foster once […]