Yes, Janet and Kristina: There IS A Santa Claus

I’ll probably never forget the year I was told that there was no Santa Claus. Well, actually it was the year that my mother told me that she didn’t believe in him. If it’s not too late for your and yours, I’ve got a great way for you to avoid having “the conversation” with your […]

Where’s the Grinch Who Stole McDonalds’ Egg Nog Milkshakes This Christmas?

I consider myself a reasonable man. (My kids might disagree with that.) I have a certain set of expectations, and I expect those expectations to be met. (My kids would absolutely agree with that!) For example: I expect my IPA to be cold, my pizza to be hot, and my Michigan Wolverines to win every […]

Mariah Carey’s Deluxe Anniversary Edition of Merry Christmas — What a Gift!

I’m typically not a fan of “deluxe anniversary editions” of recordings that have already become fan favorites. More often than not, they are uninspired retreads that include an unreleased song or two, and are primarily repackaged to move more product. They typically don’t contain anything revelatory — or even worth purchasing. Producer David Foster once […]

Johnny Mathis’ Christmas Concert In Stockton – A Review

The incomparable Johnny Mathis strolled out on stage at the Bob Hope Theatre in Stockton last night, for the first of two Christmasy eves in northern California, mic in hand, ready to ring in the holidays. He had a warm smile on his face, and a puckish twinkle, still, in his eye. Mathis’ concert was […]

EXCLUSIVE! Andrea Bocelli Promises Reunion With David Foster, Preps To Celebrate Christmas During SF Concert

San Francisco is days away from experiencing the wonder of Andrea Bocelli for the first time. The legendary singer will perform at the Chase Center on December 5, marking his first performance in the city by the bay. He will perform with the San Francisco Symphony and Chorus. Bocelli is sure to sing selections from […]

EXCLUSIVE! Johnny Mathis Talks Christmas Shows In Stockton and San Jose, Warbling with Warwick, and Shares His Personal Christmas Wish List

He shares his connection to Christmas, talks about warbling with Dionne Warwick, and gives fans an inside peek at his personal Christmas list!