Avengers: Endgame…That Marvel Kool-Aid Is Tasting Better With Every Succulent, Cinematic Sip (Spoiler Free Review)

By Michael P Coleman Miraculously, I managed to see the entertaining, somewhat bloated new Avengers: Endgame last night, five whole days after its record-shattering debut, before encountering any plot spoilers.  I hope you have the same experience, especially if you’re a die-hard Marvel fan and have endured 22 movies, beginning with 2008’s Iron Man, to […]

Mary Poppins Returns Home: A Letter To The Magical Nanny

by Michael P Coleman Dear Mary Poppins, It was wonderful to run into you in the neighborhood department store earlier this week, as your most recent feature film, last year’s Mary Poppins Returns, debuts on Blu Ray and DVD.  You couldn’t possibly remember me, but I bumped into you twice during the holidays at the […]

Is It Time To Stop Dancing And Say Goodbye To Michael Jackson? Again?

Michael’s Mind’s Eye: Is It Time To Stop Dancing And Say Goodbye To Michael Jackson? Again?  By Michael P Coleman  Grandma Coleman used to admonish me about making mountains out of molehills, or creating unnecessary drama.  That’s what I told myself the media were doing way back in Michael Jackson’s post-Off The Wall days, when […]

Remembering Dad This Father’s Day

I recently interviewed the daughter of a trailblazing father, Dr. Vernon L. Walton, the first African American pediatrician in Sacramento, California, and one of the first in the country.  I was humbled to meet his daughter, Dr. Stephanie Walton, a brilliant woman who’s followed in her father’s footsteps and has taken over the practice her […]