Brightburn Film Review: You’ll Believe A Man Can Fly…And Murder A Lot Of People

Far from a routine horror flick, director David Yarovesky’s Brightburn completely and brilliantly subverts the superhero genre. But you should leave the very young ones with a sitter. You know the story: an infant from another world crash lands in Kansas, is found by a kindly, childless couple, is found to have superhuman abilities, and […]

Avengers: Endgame…That Marvel Kool-Aid Is Tasting Better With Every Succulent, Cinematic Sip (Spoiler Free Review)

By Michael P Coleman Miraculously, I managed to see the entertaining, somewhat bloated new Avengers: Endgame last night, five whole days after its record-shattering debut, before encountering any plot spoilers.  I hope you have the same experience, especially if you’re a die-hard Marvel fan and have endured 22 movies, beginning with 2008’s Iron Man, to […]