EXCLUSIVE! Marvin Winans Talks All-Star Collaborations, the Whitney Houston Duet That Almost Happened, and the Upcoming Remake Of “The Question Is”

“I think my best song is still in front of me.” -Marvin L Winans

Lavine Hudson’s Perfect Harmony

By Michael P Coleman So much has been written about Whitney Houston having grown up in the church. But with the exception of the soundtrack of the 1996 feature The Preacher’s Wife, The Voice largely eschewed gospel after she took the world by storm with her eponymous debut album in 1985. In doing so, New […]

Whitney Houston’s Debut Was 35 Years Ago, On Valentine’s Day

Whitney Houston’s estate is trying to position the late singer as Cupid’s muse. Houston was a lot of things, but she was better at the heartbreak songs than the tunes about happy relationships.

Super Bowl Battles — Demi v Whitney and J Lo v Demi, Plus A Barefoot Mamoa and Sacramento’s New NFL Franchise!

With my post Super Bowl hangover behind me — those were some helluva margaritas— let’s get into it. Super Bowl LIV was a spectacle, starting with Yolanda Adams’ display of tone deafness — but enough about her outfit. During her performance of “America The Beautiful,” she stayed mostly in tune, if not for those God […]

EXCLUSIVE! Kenny G’s Remembers Miracles on its 25th Anniversary

Kenny G recalls the making of his first, landmark holiday album as we celebrate its 25th anniversary. He had to fight label head Clive Davis tooth and nail to keep it an instrumental project…after Whitney Houston passed on recording a track for it! He also talks about writing and recording “The Chanukah Song” for the project, which is the best-selling holiday album of the Soundscan era.

Robyn Crawford’s A Song For You: My Life With Whitney Houston — A Book Review

Longtime Houston associate Robyn Crawford paints a detailed, complicated portrait of her “friendship” with superstar Whitney Houston. Some of her stories don’t ring true…and was it “an intimate relationship,” as Crawford asserts in the book — or something else?