By Michael P Coleman

I’m typically not one to buy into — or buy — Black History Month swag that’s produced or offered by large corporate entities who have varying degrees of commitment to the African American community during the other 11 months of the year.

But I look great in red, black, and green, so as Grandma Coleman used to say, there are exceptions to every rule.

This year, Apple blew my mind with a Black Unity edition of their wildly popular Apple Watch Series 6. I almost bought it, until I realized that the watch band was for sale aside from the watch, and that it would look GREAT on the Product (Red) Series 6 that’s been on my wrist since Christmas.

Doesn’t it?

According to Apple’s site, the watch and band were “…inspired by the colors of the Pan-African flag — red for the blood that unites people of the African Diaspora and was shed for their liberation, black for the Black people whose existence is affirmed by the flag, and green for the vibrant natural wealth of Africa.”

Doesn’t it??

Tim Cook and Company did their homework. And according to their site, Apple supports a number of organizations dedicated to advancing racial equity and justice, including the Black Lives Matter Fund; European Network Against Racism; International Institute on Race, Equality and Human Rights; Leadership Conference Education Fund, NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund; and Should Grown Deep.

Read more about Apple’s commitment to challenge systemic barriers that exist for people and communities of color, particularly the Black community.

If you’re still reeling from last year’s holiday spending or you don’t want to make an additional Apple purchase at all, you can add a Unity watch face to your existing Apple Watch for free.

For real. Apple’s offering something for free.

Another corporate entity that surprised me this year was JCPenney, or JCP as they’re going by these pre-bankruptcy days. They have a whole line of Black History Month stuff to go along with my watchband. I had to stop into their Arden location a few weeks ago to return a Christmas present, and their Black History Month collection caught my eye.

Which do you prefer, the hoodie?

Or the long sleeve t-shirt?

It was a close call for me — so I bought both.

But if I had to chose, I’d go with the t-shirt. I don’t know if you’re lucky enough to be, but I’m happily black all year!

Apple’s Black Unity collection is available at

Check out JCPenney’s Black History Month collection at

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