It’s the first arena in the state of California to announce the provision of critical voter services.

By Michael P Coleman

I’ve long been a proponent for recycling, but this is taking that concept to a new level!

Sacramento County Voter Registration and Elections has partnered with the Sacramento Kings to have Golden 1 Center serve as a Vote Center during this November’s election. The state of the art facility will be open from Saturday, October 24 through the Presidential Election on November 3, 2020.

The Center will be the largest Vote Center in the county and allow for vital social distancing, while providing voters with services including ballot drop-offs, ballot printing, in person voting, voter registration, and language assistance. Voters from throughout the state may drop off their ballots at the Golden 1 Center.

And if you think the news can’t get any better, consider this: the Sacramento Kings are making the Golden 1 Center and parking for Vote Center users available at no charge to Sacramento County. Anyone who’s ever tried to park downtown, for anything, knows what a boon that is.

“We are incredibly excited to work in partnership with the Sacramento Kings and the Golden 1 Center to host a Vote Center for the November election,” said Sacramento County Registrar of Voters Courtney Bailey. “Access to a large, state of the art facility such as Golden 1 Center helps us ensure accessibility and proper social distancing, while also providing our residents the voting services they need. We are grateful to the Sacramento Kings for reaching out to us to help facilitate this partnership.”

Hat’s off to the Sacramento Kings for offering up the Golden 1 Center during the election. We may as well put the facility to use, as we won’t be attending concerts or games there any time soon. In light of this announcement, I’ll be looking into a Sacramento Kings season pass as soon as COVID-19 is behind us.

Published by Michael P Coleman

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