Burger King’s New Plant-Based Impossible Whopper: Ronald McDonald Is In Trouble

Burger King locations nationwide launched the fast food chain’s new plant-based Impossible Whopper today. I stopped in this afternoon for lunch so I could let you know how it is.

The last time I walked into a Burger King lobby that was that crowded was…

never. If that lobby’s any indication of what’s to come, Ronald McDonald is in DEEP trouble.

To be fair, I hadn’t been in a Burger King lobby in over seven years. I got a little healthier, lately, largely by avoiding restaurants with drive-thru windows. But the lure of the new lower fat, MUCH lower cholesterol Impossible Whopper drew me in.

Burger King tested the Impossible Whopper earlier this year in St. Louis. The sandwich was so popular that those locations sold out of the patty within two weeks. Soon thereafter, BK announced the national roll-out.

Carl’s Jr. was among the first of the fast food chains to offer one of the new, trendy plant based sandwiches. Their Beyond Burger is based on similar technology, but I’d give it a B. It tastes pretty good, but there’s something about the patty’s texture that’s a little off.

But Burger King’s new Impossible Whopper? A solid A. It would be an A+ if I had scarfed it down before I left the restaurant, hot out of the broiler.

Even at close to room temperature, I couldn’t tell the difference between the Impossible Whopper and BK’s standard beef Whooper.

Trust me.

No way, you say? Well, if you don’t trust me, trust any one of the lobby full of people at the Burger King location on Bradshaw in Sacramento. The ones who had to pay cash, because orders for the Impossible Whopper were so overwhelming that they crashed their system!

Hand to God.

You can get the new Impossible Whopper either vegetarian (cooked on the broiler, with mayonnaise) or vegan (prepared in the microwave, san mayo). I went with the vegetarian option.

It certainly will not be another seven years before I got back to Burger King. And as long as the new Impossible Whopper is on the menu, I will never order another run-of-the-mill beef Whopper again.

As impossible as it is to believe, Burger King’s new Impossible Whopper is EXCELLENT. If fast food is your thing but you’re also looking for healthier options, look no further than your nearest Burger King.

But bring cash. Their system may not be back up yet.

Published by Michael P Coleman

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