Jacob Blake Matters. A Few Words From His Family

“I don’t want your pity. I want change!” by Michael P Coleman Earlier this week, in the midst of a global pandemic and a maniacal Republican National Convention, the name Jacob Blake came across my newsfeed. It was associated with an event in Wisconsin, a state I remember fondly, having started my undergraduate studies in […]

Meet 14-Year-Old Acting Phenom Kaleb Alexander Roberts

The young man stars in a new short film opposite Oscar-winner Loretta Devine! by Michael P Coleman Can you image what folks in Denzel Washington’s home town of Mount Vernon, New York thought when the would-be Oscar winner first lit up the silver screen? Or what the residents of Terrell, Texas felt when Jamie Foxx […]

Lavine Hudson’s Perfect Harmony

By Michael P Coleman So much has been written about Whitney Houston having grown up in the church. But with the exception of the soundtrack of the 1996 feature The Preacher’s Wife, The Voice largely eschewed gospel after she took the world by storm with her eponymous debut album in 1985. In doing so, New […]

A Visit With Don Music, The Muppets’s Largely Forgotten, Hilarious Songwriter

The frustrated songwriter starred in a series of Sesame Street shorts, until they were pulled due to parents’s complaints about their kids displaying violence akin to the Muppets’s! He’d be a perfect addition to Disney+’s new Muppets Now. A new episode of the show is uploaded each Friday. By Michael P Coleman Watching one of […]

From Hattie to Harris: We’ve Come A Long Way, Baby

Joe Biden’s VP pick is scheduled to make history by accepting the VP nomination tonight, during a virtual event that will also feature Barack Obama. by Michael P Coleman Whether or not Kamala Harris ascends to our Vice President’s office, thereby becoming the first woman and the first person of color to do so, she […]

SHRA is a Jewel in Sacramento’s Crown

The agency is celebrating its 80th year of providing affordable housing opportunities to all of Sacramento’s residents. By Michael P Coleman I hopped out of bed early this morning, a handful of days into a summer heatwave that’s promising triple digit high temperatures for well over another week. I just couldn’t sleep. But it wasn’t […]

In 1976, Joe Biden Thought Naming A Black Woman As VP Was A Good Idea

If Biden had gotten his way, Texas State Representative Barbara Jordan would have been President Jimmy Carter’s running mate. By Michael P Coleman I’m still on a high over our next president’s choice for a running mate, Senator Kamala Harris. It’s a history making appointment, and will make this week’s Democratic National Convention even more […]

Biden / Harris — She’s Black Enough and He’s Smart Enough

By Michael P Coleman I’ve been a fan of Joe Biden’s for awhile now. Anyone who’s good enough for President Barack Obama is good enough for me. Obama always showed great taste and wisdom in selecting partners, so I wasn’t surprised to come to think of Biden as my favorite Vice President. That may change […]

COVID CONVOS — Here’s Something Good About The Virus!

By Michael P Coleman Without question, COVID-19 has made 2020 one for the books — and we still have over four months to go! As a devout extrovert, even more than trips to the amusement park (I really miss Six Flags and Cedar Point!) and eating out, I miss hugs from family and loved ones. […]

Biden / Angelou 2020 — Let’s Do Better!

By Michael P Coleman There’s a buzz around presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s pick for a running mate. He’s rumored to be preparing an announcement for next week. Biden has pledged to pick a woman, and most believe she will be a dynamic, history-making woman of color. I’ve an idea for Biden’s perfect running […]