“When women awaken to their worth and love themselves fully, we will rid this world of the ills that plague it.”

By Michael P Coleman

Despite her accomplishments, author, speaker, and life coach Anita Ross was reticent about getting in front of the camera for her new, superb Mean Time Love Hub subscription service.

But as she often does, Ross found inspiration for moving from vision to reality in the faces and voices of other women.

“One of the beautiful happenstances of sheltering-in-place throughout the pandemic is that via technology, we’ve seen into people’s homes,” Ross said. “We’ve seen some of the ‘production’ fade away, and ultimately we’ve seen into the eyes of so many we may have never had the opportunity to before. I love it! That’s what gave me the nerve to put a camera in front of my face and hit ‘record’, so that I could bring this raw and revealing webinar series to women.”

Author, speaker, and life coach Anita Ross

The Mean Time Love Hub is just that, and has been designed by one of our area’s thought leaders and for every woman who is keeping a multitude of balls in the air.

“During this unprecedented time, I have become abundantly aware that busy women are struggling to fit self-love into their lives,” Ross said. “Whether it was from the plethora of life coaching events, the late night emergency texts and calls, or the emotional testimonies shared in workshops, I got the message loud and clear: women are balancing a lot during the pandemic, and it is hard to focus on self-care, healing, and personal growth.”

“We have unconventional schedules that call for flexibility and adaptability when it comes to doing the inner work it takes to achieve self love, and maintain it. That’s why the webinars available in the Mean Time Love Hub are designed to be concise, power-packed and easily accessible.”

Few women are busier than Ross, especially these days as she balances personal and professional commitments. I wondered how she found the time to develop this comprehensive new personal growth service.

“I made it happen — I made the time to get it rolling,” Ross declared. “With a husband, three children, a new puppy and a business that has grown exponentially during the pandemic, I have a lot of responsibilities and commitments. Finding time to focus on creating the Mean Time Love Hub was challenging, but because I truly believe it is what women need in this moment, I made it happen.”

“From creating the virtual workshops, to building the website from scratch, to creating the backend for the membership option, to creating my very first promo reel — which was all the way out of my wheelhouse up to that point! — I was all in! I created hard boundaries with my time, put my ‘Mommy In Session’ sign up on the door when my children weren’t having it, and lost a lot of sleep!”

Ross’ hard work and dedication over the last year has paid off. The Mean Time Love Hub promises to enhance the lives of women who will commit to committing to themselves.

In addition to the wealth of content immediately available, Ross will add Self-Love Challenges along with new webinars and worksheets each month. All elements can be viewed on mobile platforms, and can be downloaded as well.

Take advantage of an opportunity to engage with Ross via the Mean Time Love Hub. Even though this writer has only one of those valuable X chromosomes, I can testify that it’s impossible to resist Ross’ enthusiasm and the empowerment tips that she’s eager to share.

“I believe that when we hit critical mass of women who awaken to their worth and love themselves fully, we will rid this world of the ills that plague it,” Ross declared. “Women are just that powerful, and so all of my services are designed with that vision in sight.”

“Women who have engaged in the webinars have said that it’s like I am right there in the room with them. This is what I want: to be right there cheering women on until they get it about themselves. They were born worthy of the life of their dreams, and that never changes no matter what their circumstances are, no matter what others think of them, and no matter what they’ve been through in the past.”

Check out Ross’ new Mean Time Love Hub promo reel!

Connect with Ross and subscribe to the Mean Time Love Hub at anitaross.net.

Published by Michael P Coleman

Freelance writer. I used to talk to strangers and get punished. Now I talk to strangers and get published.

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