By Michael P Coleman

Sacramento performance artist Johnathan Cameron’s alter ego, Taryn Thru-U, has been shocking and thrilling fans on stages and at live events for years.

Sacramento drag queen Taryn Thru-U

But with her new video, set to Pink’s 2017 hit “What About Us,” she has outdone herself.

Shot in downtown Sacramento, the video is a clarion call for change. It is already gaining Taryn new fans across the country.

That is quite unexpected, according to her. While she usually gives it all up for her fans, this project was a profoundly personal one for Taryn.

“The video was about needing change,” Taryn said via Facebook Messenger. “The protest videos I used were from local footage. I showed no violence, because it was a protest, not a riot.”

Taryn says the video was produced for her own “narrative,” and says she didn’t realize the impact it would have on her.

“I knew what I wanted to say with the video. I knew the images and clips I wanted to use. I chose all parts of the video,” Taryn said. “But when I saw it away from a technical viewpoint, and just as a performance, the impact changed. The images, places, and people became more personal.”

In addition to shining a light on violence inflicted by police, supporting the Black Lives Matter movement, and advocating for everyone to do their part to stop the spread of COVID-19, Taryn acknowledges the fallen among transgender communities of color with the new video. The project features African American transgender women from the Sacramento area.

“I find a lot of inspiration from my trans friends who have helped me be who I am today,” Taryn said. “When I started drag, it was a trans woman who made me see the good and bad in performing and performers.”

The transgender community has a long history of activism, and Taryn proudly supports that tradition in Sacramento, while extending it in her own unique way.

“Change can start from the bottom,” Taryn says, “but it moves faster when from the top. And voting is a voice of change!”

Sacramento County prospective voters can register here!

Published by Michael P Coleman

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