If you’ve got your social distancing technique down to a science and feel like getting some air this weekend, head over to the Midtown Sacramento Farmer’s Market, located just off the the corner of 20th and J. In addition to the fresh produce that you’d expect, there’s a booth that you need to check out.

I stumbled upon Sweet Nita’s booth last weekend in my search for a few fresh items for that evening’s stir fry. I’d have stopped at one treat, but c’mon! Nita was offering a deal for three, and with all of the COVID-19 stress going around, who could turn that down?

Of Sweet Nita’s several weekend offerings, the ones that caught my eye were the Peanut Butter & Chocolate Krispy Bar and the Peanut Butter Crunch Brownie.

Are you picking up a pattern here? Yes, I have always firmly believed that peanut butter should be its own food group — you know, like meat, dairy, produce and grains. Since I eat peanut butter most days of my life, I couldn’t turn those away.

And as I said, Sweet Nita’s was offering a three-for deal, so at the owner’s recommendation, I picked up the Peanut Butter Smores Bar, which (also at her urging) I waited to try until after I got home, so I could warm it up.

Trust me: if you bring that one home, you will be a short stroll to the microwave and 30 seconds away from heaven. All three treats were great, in fact — and lest you think I’m really pigging out during our COVID-19 shut-in, I shared each of the desserts AND the three of them lasted five days.

So there!

Check out Sweet Nita’s during your next Farmer’s Market junket. You won’t regret it.

Published by Michael P Coleman

Freelance writer. I used to talk to strangers and get punished. Now I talk to strangers and get published.

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