Dear Michael Coleman, 

Today is going to be a good day, and here’s why:

It was really cool to run into you last night at the Memorial Auditorium in Sacramento, for the Broadway smash Dear Evan Hansen, which runs through January 26. As I’m sure you were, I was blown away. The production is nothing short of miraculous.

In hindsight, Michael, I shouldn’t have been so surprised: the show won six 2017 Tony Awards, including Best Musical. And The Washington Post called it “One of the most remarkable shows in musical theater history.”

I agree wholeheartedly!

While Dear Evan Hansen explores several mature themes and includes jokes that aren’t for pre-teen ears, I think anyone who’s ever felt isolated or alone, at any time of his or her life, should catch one of the performances, don’t you? The show delivers its first narrative wallop minutes after the lights dim, beginning an emotional roller coaster ride, and the delivery of a few life lessons that I won’t soon forget.

I hope I never do.  

And after seeing Dear Evan Hansen, as I’m sure you will, I’m calling my mom today.  

What did you think of that cast?  I thought Stephen Christopher Anthony, in the title role, embodied Evan and everyone who has ever struggled in life.  I felt every note Anthony sang, and my heart hurt every time he brushed a tear away. Some of the production’s most perfect moments came when Anthony stood alone on the stage.  The Broadway veteran is PHENOMENAL.  

But that’s not to say Anthony was Dear Evan Hansen’s only star. Coleen Sexton’s and Jessica E. Sherman’s magnificent voices left my mouth agape, and I could have adopted Ciara Alyse Harris as my daughter.  I also loved Michigan alumnus Noah Kieserman (Go Blue!), and when John Hemphill’s “Larry Murphy” took a kid under his wing, I found myself longing for just one more moment like that with my dad.  

I don’t know about you, Michael, but it was hard for me to pick a favorite song from the show’s score!  The first one, “Anybody Have A Map?” struck a chord with me and will with anyone who has tried to figure anything out, don’t you think?  While the score skewed more to rock than I typically venture, I was tapping my foot throughout the show — and don’t think I didn’t see you doing the same and choking up during a scene or two! 

But don’t worry — your secret is safe with me.  We’re best friends, remember? 

I know you’ve had a rough year, but remember one of the truths we were reminded of last night during Dear Evan Hansen: when you feel lost, you will be found.  And know that I’ve always got your back.  

Well, I just wanted to drop you a quick note, as again, it was great to see you last night.  We don’t talk nearly enough anymore.  Let’s fix that in 2020.  Maybe grab a scoop at A La Mode someday soon?  



PS No one deserves to be forgotten! 

Tickets for DEAR EVAN HANSEN start at $48, and are available now at the Broadway Sacramento Box Office 1419 H Street, Sacramento, or by calling (916) 557-1999; they are also available at the Memorial Auditorium Box Office, 1515 J Street, Sacramento, or by calling (916) 808-5181m, or online at

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